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Women's kundalini meditation circles

This year I have decided to take women through an enquiry of each chakra, by working with the energies of Venus as she works her way back up the chakras as the evening star.

​My circles have also been extended to 2 hours to create space for more heart led and thought provoking conversations to arise.

Kundalini yoga and meditation are believed to pull the energy at your root chakra all the way up through your crown and out of the body. This allows the energy to flow through you, awakens your higher self and helps create balance.

In each circle, I will open with cacao and connection. Then I will guide your body through some gentle movement, breath, mantra, mudra and focus.

Then to close, you will be bathed in a reiki infused crystal sound bath and have the opportunity to share your experience with kindred spirits over tea, tarot and treats.

Would love for you to join me x 

No upcoming events at the moment
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