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Decorated Buddha with Flowers


Please contact me directly if you are interested in any of my offerings.  
I have a home studio in Aspley or can discuss a home visit based on your location.

To book or to find out more about my offerings please email me with your questions or txt or call me on 0422 015 456.


Reiki & Subtle Body Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

As a reiki master, I do this by placing my hands on or near my recipient. Focusing on their energy body I help them move and balance energy, removing blocks and help them restore their wellbeing. 
Smudging, Crystals, tarot/oracle cards, sound bowls, essential oils, flower essences, mantra and massage may all be used throughout this session.

This can be done in person or via long distance.

$75 for 60 min session

$108 for 1.5hr session

Click here for more info + to book

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Yoga and Meditation

I currently teach yoga classes for a couple of businesses on the Northside of Brisbane.

However, if you want an instructor for yourself or a small private event it would be $80 for a 60 minute class.

As an example, if a mother's group of 8 women were interested in a private class in the comfort of a home, that would be just over $10pp for a 60 minute class.



Women's Kundalini
Meditation Circles

This is an opportunity to be in the energy of other kindred spirits.  To be seen and heard and to share if you feel called.

Kundalini yoga and meditation are believed to pull the energy at your root chakra all the way up through your crown and out of the body, which lets the energy flow, awakens your higher self, and helps balance your mind, body and soul.

In my circle I will be guiding your body through the use of breath, mantra, mudra, movement and focus.

To close, you will be bathed in a reiki infused crystal sound bath and have the opportunity to share your experience over tea, tarot and treats.

I hold space for women once a month on a Sunday afternoon, $33pp. To find out when my next event is click here

However if you would like to celebrate an occasion with a private circle of your own please get in touch.


Mother's Blessing

A ‘Mother Blessing’ (traditionally called a Blessingway by the First Nations Navajo People) is a ritual and rite of passage into motherhood. This is a meaningful alternative to a baby shower where the focus is on providing the mum love and support before and after child birth.

These are a number of things that can be included for your mother's blessing;

❤ birth altar  ❤ smudging

❤ pregnancy tarot mandala
❤ mantra ❤ meditations ❤ prayers
❤ belly art ❤ flower crowns

❤ red thread ritual ❤ candle blessings

❤ affirmation making ❤ surrender ceremony
❤ childbirth beaded necklace ceremony

❤ foot bath ❤ massage ❤ meal train support

❤ nourishing platters and tea

If you are organising or looking for someone to organise an event like this for yourself. Would love to discuss how you would like your event to unfold and how I could best support.  I can organise everything from invites to set up, holding space and pack down.  Or just provide a few of my above mentioned offerings. Ideally an exchange of $222 but can discuss how we can work in with your ideal budget.



Pregnant Woman in Nature

120 Day Ceremony

At 120 days after conception is said to mark the day the soul comes into the baby's body and the woman becomes a mother.

This ceremony is to honour the mother and offer her loving support.  Loved ones gather to meditate, chant, share uplifting stories and reflect on the reality that a soul is entering the mother's womb. 

Guests are invited to bring gifts and/or pledges of support to the mother so she can relax and feel secure and focus on the child growing inside her.

It's  a deeply moving celebration that closes with tea and treats or a delicious meal to share.


Would love to discuss how we can honour this rite of passage. 

Face Massage

Closing the Bones

This ceremony, traditionally performed during the postpartum period, is to honour the mother, her body and the journey it has gone through after child birth. 

In addition to honouring women during the sacred postpartum, the Closing the Bones ceremony can also assist with closure after an abortion or miscarriage, to mark the end of breastfeeding, to celebrate menarche or any other significant rite of passage as it helps to close the old in order to give way to a new cycle.

This is an intimate ceremony just for you. A sacred space, with relaxing music, candles and incense and oils. The space is warm and cosy.  You will be invited to lay on the massage table with several pieces of cloth on top. Your hips are rocked. Then your abdomen and hips are massaged, using a special warming aromatherapy oil. Finally, you will be wrapped up in the cloth, from your head to your toes and covered with a blanket to keep you nice and warm.


The ritual is then finished with a warming drink and a chance for you to talk about the experience.

Would love to discuss how we can honour this rite of passage. 

May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you,
Guide your way on...
Sat Nam x

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